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shareSignELN - Electronic Lab Notebook

shareSignELN is an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), based on Microsoft SharePoint, developed by IT professionals from Asseco Denmark in collaboration with more than 100 scientists and lab technicians. Combining user friendliness, knowledge sharing and legal requirements for intellectual property rights, shareSignELN focuses on providing a LEAN yet very powerful tool for managing electronic lab notebooks customized to meet your needs.

The system provides a platform for sharing knowledge, not just information while efficiently improving and optimizing the work processes performed in your laboratories. Combined with a secure access control structure, the built-in search feature is a valuable tool giving insight into your colleague’s experimental work and thereby making your work more resourceful. With its patent pending signing technology shareSignELN guarantees your procedures meet legal requirements to secure intellectual property rights and ensure preservation and archiving of electronic lab notebooks in a future-proof format, making the content available on demand.

It has been our intention to create a system that is easy to use and implement, and at the same time has first class ELN functionality. That has been demonstrated in worldwide organizations to the great satisfaction of both end users and system owners.

shareSignELN is an expandable platform providing an extensive set of user friendly ELN functionalities,
combining knowledge sharing and requirements for intellectual property rights.

Integrated through a custom-made shareSignELN Ribbon Microsoft Word is used as editor for experiment authoring, providing the user with a familiar, easy to use working platform.

With the build-in shareSignELN Ribbon the user has direct access to an extensive set of ELN features when editing the experiment, making it easy to insert links, define and share user document building blocks (fragments) and reach data on demand.

Using Microsoft Word as experiment editor it is straightforward to implement data and graphics from other applications by using the copy & paste functionality, and the user will experience a seamless integration with both Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook. New experiments can be created based on both global and departmental templates. Browser based authoring for non-Microsoft environments.

The advanced search and navigation features of the system provide the perfect working frame, supporting collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Integrated with existing security systems the shareSignELN solution offers navigation and secured access rights reflecting your organization.

With the individualized shareSignELN starting page each user has easy access to the projects and experiments they are working on. Containing workflows to handle experiment and notebook lifecycles it is easy to manage all electronic lab notebooks.

To secure intellectual property rights all changes are electronically signed and sealed, supporting co-signing in accordance with decided routines and demands of your organization.

The shareSignELN solution provides automated document check-in & check-out, versioning, locking, and track changes history to support the requirements of QA and legal departments.

For future access of data all experiment information is automatically archived in a system-independent PDF/A format.

Technical specification

shareSignELN is based on Microsoft SharePoint, making use of the many possibilities included in the platform while supplying all the features of a modern ELN in a seamless integration. As a Microsoft SharePoint application, it is browser based, eliminating the need for client deployments and ensuring that users operate within a familiar environment. To further enhance this experience, experiments are edited and stored in Microsoft Word format, with all shareSignELN specific functionalities accessible through a custom shareSignELN Ribbon integrated into Microsoft Word. As an alternative to Microsoft Word, shareSignELN offer browser-based editing for non-Microsoft environments e.g. Linux, Apple OS X, Android, etc.


Signing and co-signing is based on digital signatures and integrated with Microsoft Active Directory. When editing of an experiment is finished, the user is prompted to sign the document by entering his or hers Windows password. The signing is performed by utilizing a dedicated piece of hardware to ensure maximum security.


Asseco Denmark provides out-of-the-box integration with the ARX CoSign Digital Signature solution. However, integration with an alternative signing component can be established if required.


The shareSignELN solution is easy to customize and due to the open and dynamic structure of the system integration into your organization's infrastructure is done with little effort giving you direct access to all of your existing data and at the same time letting you continue to work with your favorite IT tools.

It is our philosophy to provide you with a solution that suits the individual needs of your organization. Therefore, Asseco Denmark offers to expand the existing core functionality of the system with custom or pre-made add-on modules.


shareSignELN has a proven system uptime of more than 99.9%


The Super User Training Course is a one day hands-on course educating the user in basic functionalities of the shareSignELN system. 

The course will cover the following shareSignELN topics:

  • Introduction to the systems structure
  • The terminology
  • How to navigate the system
  • Search functionality
  • Creating new Experiments
  • Supplementary files
  • Editing the Experiment Journal - the shareSignELN Ribbon
  • Signing
  • Witnessing

This one day hands-on course will teach users responsible for managing your shareSignELN solution to perform the following tasks:

  • Configuration: Changing shareSignELN standard configuration settings should the need arise.
  • Management: Handling day to day tasks in connection with the running of the shareSignELN.
  • Issue Resolution: Dealing with user issues and questions. This includes a list of common scenarios and how to resolve them.
  • Support: If problems occur that cannot be remedied by the administrator, Asseco Denmark provides software support.

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