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Security and Infrastructure


Complete security infrastructure solution

PortalProtect is a complete security infrastructure solution that protects your portal and application servers and provides single sign-on and security for all your enterprise systems. PortalProtect can be configured for small single-server installations, but can also scale up to very large enterprise installations with hundreds of applications and hundreds of thousands of concurrent users. All this is proven technology, which every day protect some of the biggest sites for some of the largest Danish enterprises. PortalProtect is designed and developed together with operations personnel, so it contains a lot of functionality targeted at operations to simplify operations in complex environments. 

PortalProtect is the right solution if ...

 You have to log on to several systems, but only want to have to log on once?

 You wish to apply digital signature to obtain the highest possible security?

 You do business in Denmark and requires NemID support?

 You wish to use NemID on a mobile device?

PortalProtect is the right solution for you!

A complete security solution that protects your Internet and Intranet applications as well as the backend application servers. PortalProtect allows Single Sign On and detailed access control along with the possibility of multiple security levels and individual access control.

A thoroughly tested, evaluated and recognized security product applied among multiple enterprises

Build to offer several possibilities for advanced passwords or digital signature, for example, based on biometrics in the form of approval by fingerprint, iris-identification, and mobile device compatible including using NemID

Key functionalities of PortalProtect

PortalProtect contains multiple modules including:

PortalProtect Agent
PortalProtect Server
PortalProtect Dispatcher
PortalProtect Loadbalancing & Failover
PortalProtect Identity Manager/Useradmin
PortalProtect Proxy Server

PortalProtect integrates to for example:

Oracle Weblogic and GlassFish
IBM WebSphere
Microsoft .NET / IIS and ADSF

Login plugins include:

Google Authenticator
OpenID Connect

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