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Security and API Management


Connect & Secure your Digital Business

Multiple Authentication Methods

When choosing Ceptor your organization can meet all users with a login tailored their needs and all required login methods can run simultaneously.

Maximize Your APIs Potential

Utilize our full-featured API Management solution with API Gateway, Developer Portal and full lifecycle API Management.

Integrates with Any Server

Enable deep security integration, session sharing and more. Ceptor can run on any platform with a JVM both On-Premise and Cloud.

Ceptor clients include

Single Sign-On

Ceptor has multi domain enterprise Single Sign-On and session sharing

With an increasing number of systems and applications follows an increasing number of username and passwords. That is why Ceptor offers Single Sign-On (SSO) and session sharing across your entire application portfolio. With SSO the user only needs to login once, which eliminate redundancy and increase security.

Secure your API Infrastructure

Choose from Ceptor API Gateway’s many proven authentication and authorization methods, how you will expose your internal and external APIs to your consumers. Ceptor API Gateway protects your APIs from unauthorized access and takes care of load balancing and failover, stickiness and request throttling.

Develop Strong APIs

Ceptor API Management allows you to create as many API Groups as you need, you can use Ceptor’s default templates or create your own. Ceptor supports various different types of APIs including OpenAPI, SOAP / WSDL and plain HTTP. You can document your APIs using the OpenAPI Specification or Ceptor’s built-in HTML editor.

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