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Holger Brøns Jensen
Holger Brøns Jensen
CEO, Partner
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Ceptor API Management combines the robust capabilities of enterprise solutions with the agility and scalability demanded by organisations who want to move fast. This mean that your company gets a heavyweight functionality with a lightweight implementation. Our dedicated Ceptor API Management team can be at your office in a day’s notice and assist you on-site instead of through a chatbot. Here you have the possibility to start with an API Gateway and include the authentication plug-in your company needs for the best-in-class security capabilities.  


Main Benefits 

  • API Gateway including multiple options of authentication plug-ins
  • Integrates with any server
  • Heavyweight functionality, lightweight implementation
  • On-site support and consulting in Nordic countries

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API Gateway

Ceptor API Gateway is a component that exposes and protects your APIs and manages your clients’ and partners’ access to them.

Ceptor Gateway is a standards-based Reverse Proxy Server that is fully asynchronous, highly scalable and supports the latest communication protocols available. Ceptor Gateway is deployed in front of your applications, protecting them from unauthorized access and takes care of load balancing and failover, stickiness, request throttling, authentication and authorization and response compression.

Access Management

Ceptor supports virtually any kind of authentication. Multiple pluggable authentication methods can coexist, and the application can choose which ones to use. Choose your preferred plugin for one system, multiple systems or for all of your business.

Selected plug-ins with Ceptor includes:

  • Single-sign On / SAML  Web SSO
  • OpenID Connect
  • NemID
  • OAuth & OAuth 2.0
  • Kerberos

Ceptor clients include