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Better control and better results

Reporting technology for the insurance sector
to aggregate and automate standardized reporting,
and give users full control and complete transparency

Jens Madvig Holm
Jens Madvig Holm
VP, Product Management
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Reporting solution for the finance sector

A reportingsuite that can collect and automatize reporting processes in the company and give the users better control, greater overview and complete transparency.

Main benefits

  • Spend less time producing, and more time analysing
  • Control and understand your reporting from end to end
  • Optimize your utilization of data
  • Streamline and unify your internal workflow

Our reporting and software solutions are a help for people who wish to optimize their work process. Our programmes save you time while providing you with a greater overview of the entire reporting process. The reporting solution are aimed at the insurance industry and is a programme existing of multiple software solutions. Below we have listed a few of our technologies which is part of our reporting solution:

An out-of-the-box software solution, covering all three pillars, including XBRL, for a robust, automated and controlled end-to-end Solvency II process

An out-of-the-box software solution for controlling, automating and enhancing end-to-end collaboration for your IFRS 17 reporting process

An out-of-the-box software solution for managing and controlling the distribution of large bordereaux & claim data templates

Addtional solutions

Our reporting- and softwaresolutions within finance and pensions goes further than just SII, IFRS17 and BRDX. We want to stay among the leading IT-companies in the world which means helping wherever IT-solutions are needed.

Our overall portfolio of reporting solutions are as following:

  2. IFRS17
  3. SII
  4. Stress test and scenario analysis
  5. Best estimate module
  6. BRDX-solution

All of our solutions are of course EIOPA compliant.

InsureControl Solutions

The insurecontrol reporting technology is developed and supported by a highly experienced team of consultants and software developers who has been working with insurance reporting for more than 8 years.

The first software solution was built in 2012 to support firstly the insurance market in Denmark with Solvency 2. When the Solvency 2 regime was launched in all of EU, the SII Engine solution expanded it’s operations to support a growing list of insurance companies in +14 EU countries.

Along the way additional reporting technology is being developed to become the collection of Insurecontrol Solutions. The overall mission is to deliver reporting technology for aggregating and automating standardized reporting processes, and at the same time give users and different stakeholders, full control and complete transparency of their end-to-end reporting operations.

In addition to the support and development team based in Copenhagen, our reporting technology is supported and distributed via our local solution partners in selected countries.


If you wish for further information regarding our Insurecontrol reporting solution, you are welcome to contact us for a non-binding talk. We are always ready to explain and expand on how and why our IT-solutions can benefit your company.

Here we have the gathered the relevant takeaways from our reporting solution:

The reporting solution gives you better control

  • Our software solution can help you comply with the rules and regulations and automatize the process which means easier control of the solution.

The reporting software provide greater overview

  • With our solutions you will have all of your reports in one place which makes the whole process more manageable.

The reporting software provide complete transparency

  • Reporting through our software ensures complete transparency from data input to final report.

"The SII Engine is very effective in producing the comprehensive requirements, and is at the same time highly intuitive to control all parts of the process, so we can be confident with our reporting." 

CFO - Lars Aga Reisæter


"We decided to install the SII Engine to get better integration to our back-end systems, for more automatic data sourcing to SCR calculations and QRTs, and we achieved this. We also got a more consistent calculation and have reduced the risk of errors, mainly due to the reuse and aggregation of data in the solution. Overall, we have significantly improved control and understanding of our Solvency II processes" 

Chief Actuary - Niels Rietdorf

"The solution is very smooth and streamlined in producing outputs for all 3 Pillars incl. XBRL, and the support team behind, is highly competent, making sure Gar-Bo is compliant going forward"

CFO - Erik Landén

Our clients include

Local support in EU

HQ, Development Center