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Holger Brøns Jensen
Holger Brøns Jensen
CEO, Partner
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Risk Management & COVID-19

We would like to inform you that our Scenario Analysis Tool gives you the possibility to analyse adverse effects on your SCR, MCR and Eligible Own Funds. Capabilities include sensitivity analysis, reverse stress, single scenarios and composite scenarios.

Our team of consultants can help you parameterise your Scenario Analysis Tool to perform single or multidimensional stress tests and reverse stress to your current asset and liability data. This can be a simple run of a few selected scenarios in half a day/a day or a more extensive range of stress and sensitivity analysis giving insights to the effects of the current volatile and complex situation.

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Main benefits

  • Spend less time producing, and more time analysing
  • Control and understand your reporting from end to end
  • Optimize your utilization of data
  • Streamline and unify your internal workflow

Our clients include

An out-of-the-box software solution, covering all three pillars, including XBRL, for a robust, automated and controlled end-to-end Solvency II process

An out-of-the-box software solution for controlling, automating and enhancing end-to-end collaboration for your IFRS 17 reporting process

An out-of-the-box software solution for managing and controlling the distribution of large bordereaux & claim data templates

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