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IFRS 17 Engine - Technology Intro

Introduction to IFRS 17 Engine

The Technology Intro gives an introduction to the IFRS 17 Engine, with the following headlines:

  • 6 Unique Benefits of IFRS 17 Engine
  • Reporting functionality out-of-the-box
  • Transparent & controlled end-to-end

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SII Engine White Paper

Introduction to SII Engine

Our White Paper covers the following:

  • SII Engine – One Coherent Solution – An introduction to the solution and functionalities.
  • Calculations & Reporting – How the integrated approach from end-to-end, secures complete control, automation and transparency.
  • Scenario Analysis Tool – A brief overview of Stress Testing, Capital Projections and planning.

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BRDX & Claims Management White Paper

Introduction to BRDX & Claims Management

The paper gives an introduction to the solution BRDX Engine for Bordereaux & Claims Management, and covers the following:

  • Standard Functionality – An introduction to how the solution can control and validate your claims and bordereaux management process.
  • The Architecture – How the solution can be set-up and collect data from different sources.
  • The Partner Portal – A customer specific portal for sharing and distributing reports and bordereaux to your insurance partner network.

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IORP II Engine Solution White Paper

Introduction to IORP II Engine Solution

The paper gives an introduction to IORP II Engine solution and covers: 

  • Functionality – An introduction to the functionalities of the EIOPA compliant solution
  • The reporting tool – How the solution produces and maintains reports

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