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Pillar 1 & Pillar 3, incl. XBRL

The SII Engine standard solution, is delivered with Pillar 1 & 3 integrated together, creating the most optimized Solvency II process on the market.

The integrated platform gives you:

  • Up-to-date EIOPA compliance on your SII Standard Formula
  • Up-to-date EIOPA compliance on QRTs, Public Disclosure and ECB Reports
  • One coherent, robust and fully controlled solution
  • Detailed and transparent access to risk dependencies
  • Control and repeatability of your risk calculations and reporting
  • No control gaps and full data lineage from Pillar 1 to Pillar 3, to final XBRL

The Pillar 1 SCR is calculated by a click of a button, and you will at the same time have full transparency of all formulas and results. Once your Standard Formula is completed, the Pillar 3 QRTs are automatically produced, giving you a seamless and effective reporting process. The SII Engine will finally convert your QRTs into the required XBRL format.

The integration and coherency between the 3 Pillars, creates the most optimal and controllable reporting process for your company. The solution will recognize where to populate results in QRT reports for minimum probability of errors, keeping your results accurate and consistent.

Pillar 3 incl. XBRL 

The Pillar 3 solution covers for solo and group:
  • Public Disclosure reports for SFCR
  • ECB Reports
  • Financial Stability Reports
  • EIOPA Validations & Cross-Checks
  • EIOPA XBRL Taxonomy
Possible Add-ons:
  • Dashboard for customized workflow and analysis
  • Automated Data Mapping, so that time consuming cell by cell input is eliminated
  • Pillar 3 Data Mart for an integrated approach
  • The SII Engine Pillar 1 SCR Calculation module for a coherent, fully controlled and audited solution
  • National Specific Templates
  • Internal Risk Reports

  • Installation

The SII Engine installation is completed in 1 day as a cloud hosted service or installed on-premise in your company’s own infrastructure. 

  • Implementation

By creating a company specific Input Adapter, we define the data your company needs to deliver to SII Engine, in order to comply with Solvency II. The Input Adapter is delivered as SII Engine templates, incl. detailed sourcing guidelines.

  • Integration (Optional)

You can source data automatically by integrating the SII Engine to your various data sources. The integration project is based on an iterative process with end-to-end testing with all relevant back-end systems.


We can provide services for your Pillar 2 and ORSA process. Setting up system of governance and maintaining internal controls and policies, and supporting you in developing the narrative for your own risk assessments.

Additional Risk frameworks outside of Solvency II, can also be developed. Setting up Risk Appetite, Risk management reports, and strategies for future business and capital planning.

If you wish to have a dedicated software solution for performing your scenario analysis and stress testing, have a look at the solution for stress testing & scenario analysis in solutions menu.

For more information on services and software for your stress testing, simulations and/or Risk Management process, contact us here.