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An EIOPA compliant solution for pension funds

 IORP II Engine is an EIOPA compliant reporting tool with clear traceability and XBRL validations.

The solution is continuously maintained by Asseco, who monitors EIOPA and delivers regulatory compliant upgrades of the solution, ensuring that clients stay EIOPA compliant.

The platform supports +100 companies across 13 different EU countries.

Main benefits

  • Quaterly and Annual EIOPA QRTs
  • ECB add-ons
  • Validations and XBRL
  • Asset summary reports
  • Data history and history deltas
  • Re-reporting functionalities

Compliant with EIOPA

The IORP II Engine produces and maintains the following reports:

  • QRT quarterly & annual
  • QRT solo entity & group
  • ECB Reports
  • National Specific Templates
  • Customer Specific Templates

You can create new reports or calculations/formulas for any purpose; the solution is not limited to IORP II reporting. For any standard report used internally or externally the report can be added to the monthly/quarterly/annual reporting process.