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Bordereaux & Claims Management

Bordereaux & Claims Management in a controlled and automated environment

This solution is intended for managing and processing bordereaux & claims data, by validating and consolidating, for increased quality and control of your risk and claims management. The solution can be used for 2 cases:

  • Insurance Companies/Consortia of Insurance Companies fronting on behalf of a Captive Reinsurance Company.
  • Agents or Coverholders entering into insurance contracts on behalf of the Insurance Company/Risk Carrier.

With a vast amount of different data, collected from different internal/external sources, the Aggregation Engine can validate, consolidate and produce master bordereaux and templates/reports in an automated and controlled environment.

For the operations of managing BRDX & Claims Data, the solution will deliver an increase in quality, control, speed and precision of your claims management and closing process.

Portal for Insurance partners

Asseco can also offer to set up a customized BRDX Portal on behalf of the clients, where the Fronting Companies and/or agents/coverholders can upload and have their claims information and bordereaux validated, accepted and/or rejected (based on e.g. commonly agreed rules from the Delegated Authority Agreement).

The Portal can secure fast and transparent communication and data management between the parties, and create a controlled data process when receiving/delivering large data templates.