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Asseco Tender Manangement Solution

Asseco Tender Management Solution, also known as and Kvalifikationsordningen, is your tool to manage your tenders and framework agreements. The focus in the solution is a professional and controlled process-flow linked with an intuitive simplicity in the design which supports that the system can be used by all occupational groups independent of technical competencies and tender-technical insight.  

The solution facilitates the process easily, simplistically, and precisely for both the supplier and the tenderer. It can be adjusted to whatever set of rules, demands or legislations your company works under whether it is in the private or public sector.

As a supplier

There are no limitations to which occupational groups and tenderers that you as a supplier can register in the system. You can with surgical precision administrate all your tenderers and the interaction with these in your offers. If you wish to be registered as a trial-supplier-user in the system, please do not hestitate to contact us and we will register you.  

As a supplier there are different types of offers which you can register: 

  1. Direct allocation to a tenderer if the offer is under a defined limit. This limit has been created by you and can of course vary between suppliers. 
  2. Allocation by lowest price. This type gives the opportunity to choose several tenderers, create the offer and then allocates to the tenderer with the best offer. 
  3. Offer with negotiation. Supplier chooses the tenderers with the desired qualifications for the project and invite these to a negotiations process where the suppliers continuously remove tenderers until the best offer remains. 
  4. Direct offer to chosen tenderer who is already approved through for example existing framework agreements. 
  5. Offer with qualitative criteria. Supplier creates a list of criteria for the tenderers which these are measured on. An example of this is the quality of resum├ęs. Each criterion is given a grade and the tenderers with the highest average are allocated the assignment. 

You can ensure that your tenderers are given a precise and professional access to bid on the assignments you need resolved which ensure the process to be efficient and at fair price.