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Managed IT

We give you access to 20 years
of IT management experience with a
cloud native and DevOps approach

Peter Laue Petersen
Peter Laue Petersen
VP, Consulting & Development
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Managed IT

When it comes to Manage IT, our keywords are: specialized knowledge, safety and trust. Asseco Denmark possess several decades of experience with IT management, and we offer flexible management of small units as well as larger and more complex systems. Furthermore, we are available for optimization of your IT-safety, where we can offer anything from vulnerability scans to penetration testing and training of your organization.

Main benefits

  • Business-oriented management methodology
  • Explicit cloud-native & DevOps approach
  • Solid and proven enterprise IT operations
  • 20 years of experience, from small-scale agile management to large-scale enterprise operations

Administration, support & maintenance

If you need a partner who demonstrates expert skills and the right agile mindset when it comes to managing IT solutions, we are the answer: a trusted and capable partner. Business-oriented methodology and cutting-edge technical capabilities ensure solid performance when it comes to managing our customers’ IT solutions. No matter the set-up, we have the skills to provide agile operation of IT solutions.

As a part of a strong software development house – the Asseco Group – we take an explicit cloud-native and DevOps approach to managing solutions, without compromising best practice on solid enterprise IT operations. We represent more than two decades of operational excellence and knowledge ranging from small-scale agile management to large-scale enterprise operations.


The foundation for your IT being able to support your business is stability and the most important parameter for stability is that the safety in your IT-solutions are at the right level. Through many years Asseco Denmark has been working intensely with IT-security on both application- and infrastructure-level. We employ some of the strongest IT-security consultants in Denmark who understands how to connect the needs of your business to a strong solution design. Whether the solutions need implementing from ground level or updating current solutions.

Asseco Denmark offers along with the strongest partner globally, a complete concept entailing vulnerability scans, penetration testing and training. On the basis of this our consultants can assist or orchestra the technical adaption of the IT-vulnerabilities which have been identified as well as training your organisation. We create playbooks adjusted to your company thus every employee knows what to do if lightning strikes and thereby keeping your company prepared at all times.