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IT consulting

Asseco Denmark provides best-in-class IT consultants
with solid experience in the Nordic IT sector.
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Holger Brøns Jensen
Holger Brøns Jensen
CEO, Partner
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Why choose IT consulting with Asseco

IT consulting is a way to secure reliable, efficient and cost-effective IT for your company. With Asseco you will be met by experienced IT consultants, who can provide advise within all areas of IT - from local technical questions to a complex strategic level.

By choosing IT consulting with Asseco you will avoid:

  • Wasted manpower
  • Buying the wrong IT solutions
  • Breakdowns and downtime
  • Extra costs with the implementation of new IT systems
  • Expensive solutions which do not accommodate your needs
  • IT threats
  • Continuous IT challenges

IT consulting - hardware, software and security

Asseco offers external consulting services with everything from IT equipment to software and security.

A company’s IT equipment often covers a variety of different products – from the individual employee’s computer, to the data center securing optimal server capacity across the organization. Thus, IT problems can range from local software challenges with applications or programs to network breakdowns or server errors affecting the entire organization.

With more than 20 years of sector experience, Asseco can offer skilled IT consulting services for all IT challenges, great and small. Moreover, we help you become equipped to deal with such challenges in the future.

What you get as a client with Asseco:

  • Pragmatic IT consulting with focus on specific needs
  • Association with Asseco Group’s global IT network
  • Correlation between solution and business
  • Expert knowledge on Cloud Native and DevOps solutions
  • Client- and sector specific IT solutions
  • 20 years of experience with IT consulting

Pragmatic and tailored IT consulting

Asseco’s aim is to become your trusted IT partner, which is why we work both pragmatic and practical. As corporate culture and workflows are different from one organization to the other, the need for IT also varies. Therefore, our consulting services are always tailored to fit your organization and potential challenges.

This is how we create the best possible correlation between solution and business.

You can read more about what you can expect as client with Asseco here.

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