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Solutions & Services

Asseco Denmark offers both off-the-shelf solutions
as well as services tailored to our
customers specific needs.

Solutions and services

No matter what our customers needs require, Asseco Denmark offers a variety of solutions and services. From off-the-shelf solutions to tailormade services, we aim to meet the needs of our customers.


IT consulting is a way to secure reliable, efficient, and cost-effective IT for your company. With Asseco Denmark you will be met by experienced IT consultants, who can provide advise within all areas of IT - from local technical questions to a complex strategic level.


No matter if the IT-project requires finished tools, BPO or customized IT-projects build from the bottom up, Asseco Denmark is ready to assist. We adjust to the customer’s needs, thus offering the best implementation groups and creating the best possible IT-project.

Managed IT

Asseco Denmark possess several decades of experience with IT management, and we offer flexible management of small units as well as larger and more complex systems. One of our major focal points is IT-safety, where we can offer anything from vulnerability scans to penetration testing and training of your organization.


We have our own technology solutions developed by our in-house developers for specific sectors and purposes. We focus on designing and building high-end and purpose-built applications aimed at supporting and overcoming critical challenges for a transforming digital company.