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New members to Asseco DK management and team

We are happy and excited to announce that Kim Alexander Nilsson has started on the consulting team as Consultancy Manager, with responsibility of recruitment and sales of our consulting business unit. He brings valuable experience from the Danish IT sector, with companies like Tech2, Concor, Adecco & eWork, and we look forward to adding his skills and experience to Asseco going forward.

In addition, our current employee Peter Laue Petersen, has been given the new role and leadership of our development team. He will also take the leadership of our consulting services unit, and we believe this will bring good understanding and value across our in-house developers and consultants in the field.

We can also announce that Holger Brøns Jensen who joined the management team in the beginning of 2019, has now officially been given the role of CEO & Partner of Asseco Denmark.

Click the following link for an overview of the Management Team