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Local football team in Copenhagen enthused by Asseco support

The Asseco Denmark sponsorship of FB Bull has boosted morale among the players significantly.

FB Bull, a small football club in Copenhagen, ended the season with six victories in a row - including a memorable 3-2-victory against the league’s frontrunners - after the announcement of a new small sponsor deal with Asseco.

“The Asseco sponsorship is an opportunity for us to get a new team uniform which has boosted morale among the players significantly,” said club chairman Martin Lindberg.

“The old shirts was literally falling apart. We’re just a small club consisting mostly of students, so this support really means the world to us,” he added.

FB Bull competes in a local Copenhagen-based league system and was promoted after last season. This year, the boys feared that it would be difficult to avoid relegation, but the team ended up in 6th place out of 12 teams after the winning streak in the end of the season.

"Asseco in Denmark are continuously hiring graduates from Copenhagen University. To support the relation to students at the University, we decided to do a sponsorship of FB Bull. We find that FB Bull represent young ambitious people to where sport and studies goes hand in hand," said Torben Falholt, CEO at Asseco Denmark.

"Over the years we have done a number of sponsorships to support young ambitious people who combines sport and studies at the most ambitious level. Our sponsorships hold one Olympic Gold medalist and a silver medal in youth Olympics. However our ambition is not to put focus on the actual results in the sports - our focus is on life balance and academic distinction," he added.

FB Bull has built a small but loyal fan base on Facebook who follows the team’s results and the inner life of the squad. The Facebook page has updates about the players, the matches and the general ups and downs of the club. And mildly put, the posts do not lack irony or a sense of humor.

“We always play to win, I’d like to leave no doubt about that. But when we don’t, we’re not to self-important to not make a little fun of ourselves. Or a lot fun, when we deserve it,” Martin Lindberg explains.

For instance, one of the club founders recently couldn’t make it when the squad was invited by the board to a summer party. This led to a practical joke, where the club chairman told both players and fans that the missing team mate was expelled from the club because of disloyalty.

However, the primary focus is on the field, and the practical jokes and the humorous Facebook posts are only a sideshow. And with this years outdoor season successfully over, the focus of the almost 20 players in the squad will now change to futsal - an indoor type of football with five players aside.

And chairman Lindberg is optimistic before the first futsal game of this winter:

“Last year we were struggling to avoid relegation in the indoor season. But with such a good end to the outdoor season this year, the players in perfect shape and a brand new sponsor logo on the chests of the shirt, why shouldn’t we aim for promotion this year?”