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Denmark's most talented IT consultants

Asseco Denmark is a strong network of some of Denmark's most talented IT consultants. Engagement, curiosity and innovative thinking ensure that we keep updated on the latest knowledge and practice. In our daily work with application development, IT architecture and IT implementation, we focus on customer value through innovative and durable solutions.

More than technique

Asseco Denmark Consulting Services offer Advisory IT Engineers and IT Craftsmen - and we are much more than technique.

We are people who have a holistic and pragmatic approach to our tasks. We seek dialogue and partnership through cooperation with the customer and the customer's business. We help to analyze the needs, and we help with solutions. Mutual trust, respect and honesty are key throughout the process. We provide skills and not just methodology, to create value for our customers, because we help you achieve your goals faster and better.

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For more information reach out to Asseco Denmark – VP, Consulting Services at +45 33 36 46 60 or

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