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Our mission

”Partnership is part of our DNA and we deliver competencies, which ensure lasting results through a pragmatic, holistic approach. When a client chooses to partner up with Asseco Denmark, the client experiences superior return on investment.

Our work and competencies renders an equal focus on application development and IT implementation.”

Asseco Denmark is a Danish IT company, whose strategic focus is on attracting and retaining the best IT professionals in Denmark, and on creating strong and lasting partnerships with companies, who wishes to optimize the complete lifecycle of IT projects.

In August 2009, IT Practice (now Asseco Denmark) became part of the Asseco Group, which is one of Europe's largest IT companies. Asseco Group is represented throughout Europe and their growth strategy is based on partnership - a federation model. That is, a 'family' of companies that are bound together by good will, mutual trust and understanding, unlike the typical global IT players that have been created through acquisitions, and is based on economic calculations and management tools.

Our clients include the largest Danish and North-European companies. Our clients are characterized by being focused on their goals, performance effective and achieve their business objectives by the use of mission critical IT systems.

Our employees are highly skilled and highly experienced specialists, with personal skills such as pragmatism, a totalitarian view on their work and focus on values-communication - this is IT professionals who love their work and this is echoed in their work with colleagues and clients.

A solid investment for the customer

We do not participate in projects as subject matter experts on the customers’ business, but rather as IT specialists, who are capable of transforming business needs into IT solutions, that effectively and efficiently supports the business processes. We help our clients optimize their business processes through the use of IT – that’s why we’re here. The investment made by our clients has historically been very profitable. But our job is not done until we have conveyed the “how” and “why”, to the client as well as the strategy behind the optimized solution. Thus, we measure the quality of our work by our ability to explain what we have achieved. This constitutes our value add, and it justifies our existence in the marketplace.