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Torben Falholt

Torben Falholt

Partner, CEO

Torben established IT Practice A/S – now Asseco Denmark A/S – in 1998. He has previously worked at IBM as a systems engineer, sales consultant and head of department in Denmark, USA and Germany. In 2004 he founded sister company CodeConnexion Ltd in Sri Lanka and in 2006 Peak Consulting Group. As Asseco Denmark, both companies are now part of Asseco Northern Europe.
Bo Ørskov

Bo Ørskov

Partner, Executive VP, Business Development

Bo is responsible for SII Engine business development. Bo was hired in 2006 and has previously worked at PA Consulting Group, Capgemini, IBM and SimCorp Ltd. UK. Bo has worked as a consultant and with sales to the Danish financial sector and has international experience in account management and sales of IT services across the product and service portfolios. Before entering the IT sector Bo worked from 1987-1996 for the Privatbanken/Unibank.
Simon Bremerskov Jensen

Simon Bremerskov Jensen

Partner, VP, Product Management

Simon focus on SII Engine, way of working and recruitment. He joined in 2007 and has a history from Danske Bank as Development, Department Manager and Project Manager - particularly in the production of software for banks, process analysis, product development and resource-management.
Sebastian Gardan

Sebastian Gardan

VP, Consulting Services

Sebastian is responsible for Asseco Denmark’s Consulting Services including management, HR, recruitment, sales and delivery. He joined in 2004 from IBM, where he worked as a systems engineer. For the first 10 years, his primary focus was sales and account management. Sebastian is also responsible for our security infrastructure solution PortalProtect.