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Client Cases

Learn about some selected client cases of Asseco, and get an insight into how we deliver both consulting services and implement out-the-box software solutions

Client Cases

Throughout the last many years, Asseco Denmark has specialized itself in providing solutions to a long list of business areas. From finance to transport and insurance, we have helped hundreds of customers optimize their processes. We strive to meet our client’s needs, therefore the first step for us is always an open dialogue about the needs and wants for your company.

On the menu on the left is a list of the primary business areas along with a selection of type of projects which we have completed for the different companies. Most of our services and solutions can be adjusted for all type of business areas, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or other inquiries.

Asseco Denmark has a large amount of experience within the financial sector, and it is also where some of our biggest customers are from. No matter if the issue is regarding mobile- or netbanking, outlets, dev-ops support and platforms or payment systems, Asseco Denmark has the expertise to help you.

Since the public sector is widely based, we have at Asseco Denmark learned to adapt our solutions and services to different organisations and companies. This is shown through our technical infrastructure solutions based on kafka for gov-cloud as well as our display of climate-data for DMI.

Within the transport sector, Asseco Denmark has assisted in the development of safety infrastructure, among these external web-solutions and internal applications. Furthermore, we have been responsible for cost-calculation software and handling of container events.

For the insurance and pension funds sector we provide business-specific software, services and consultancy. This includes our end-to-end solutions for Solvency II and IFRS17, used by 100+ companies in the sector.

Within the Life Science sector, we have experience with electronic laboratory notebooks, which have been used by over 1500 scientists worldwide. This solution has provided the researchers with the opportunity to make demand collections, product evaluation and record own development. Furthermore, we maintain experience with data lake in regard to infrastructure based on open-source technologies as well as ingestion workflows in relation to robot data, sharepoints and experiments.

Within the IT-sector, Asseco has assisted in, among others, the implementation of a new login system for all Danish banks and public institutions. This entails both the design and implementation of custom-made tools and programs for internal and external use.

In addition to the forementioned business sectors, we offer solutions and services to companies who are categorised under other sectors. We have experience in creating e-learning courses, where we among others, have created a course for a union with over 70,000 members.