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A summer greeting from Asseco

The summer has officially been kicked off with sunshine, high spirits, and lots of football fever. You can feel the summer at Asseco as well, where most colleagues are either leaving for a vacation or coming back with newfound energy.

Even though we are not fully staffed these days, we are not resting on our laurels. As it has been illustrated in several media outlets during the last couple of months, cyber-threats are bigger than ever before. Companies and organisations are being targeted and losing everything from customers to revenue. Therefore, our new partnership with CStrategy is all the rage these days. From Black Box Penetration Tests to vulnerability scans and customized playbooks, we help companies guard themselves against potential threats.

When it comes to our developers, the coffee machine is brewing with full steam ahead, so the different tasks from our customers can be solved most efficiently. At the moment, our team is working on interesting tasks from, among others, DCSA, where they assist in developing standards for the shipping industry through development of standards for eBill of lading.

There is never a dull day at Asseco Denmark.

Have a great summer.