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Summer update from Asseco

It has not been a quiet six months in Asseco Denmark. One of the biggest changes has been the expansion of our internal cooperation between our Polish department in Warsaw and our Danish department in Copenhagen. Located across the border in Warsaw, we have seven coworkers working for Asseco Denmark and for the last six months we have been working on expanding the collaboration and communication so the two departments can use each other across assignments and projects. This cooperation culminated in April when we finally had to opportunity to throw our belated Christmas lunch and the Danish department, and the Polish department could meet each other and socialize. The night was a huge success and has resulted in a closer relationship between coworkers. 

In our InsureControl team we have had six terrific months. From landing four new IFRS17 contracts, two SII contracts to completing Q4, Q1 and yearly reporting on our BPO-agreement with Akademiker Pension, our team has been busy! Furthermore, we had the pleasure of introducing a new coworker René Lundstrøm, who joined the InsureControl team in February. Last but not least, in May we got to celebrate a special birthday! By mid-May 2022 it was exactly 10 years since our first SII-contract. We celebrated this milestone birthday with SII-logo cake, bubbles, and all of our coworkers. We are excited for 10 more years with Solvency II!  On top of this, our Projects-team has been assigned a new management-contract and landed a project-contract on developmental ressources. All in all, loads of interesting work to do for both departments.  

Lastly, we have good news from our consulting business. Throughout the last couple of years, we have come to realize that when summer approaches, the projects decline for our consultants. However, not this year! Each and every one of our consultants has been prolonged over the summer and for the rest of the year, so we are heading into the summer with a big smile on our faces and exciting projects ahead! 

Though the team in Asseco are putting on the sunglasses and shorts while slowly heading on vacation, our office in never empty, so if you need us, don’t hesitate to reach out!  

Have a great summer!