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When was the last time you checked your IT-security?

Throughout the last many years, the digital landscape has changed significantly. These days it is practically changing before our eyes on an almost daily basis, and even for the most skilled IT-worker, the demand for keeping up with the changes is constant. Alongside the digital transformation cyber-attacks have followed an exponential rise in numbers, and the demand for efficient IT-security is higher than ever before. According to Danish Defence Intelligence Service, COVID-19 have increased the risk of cyber-attacks due to employees working from home. One way to prepare and handle these risks is to frequently test your IT-security. It is simple and highly effective!

If you choose not to act and for example refrain from security-checks and managing possible vulnerabilities, the job of securing your IT against attacks will become close to impossible to handle. You will most likely end up with a massive IT-security debt which keeps snowballing until it is out of control.

The need for an actual IT-security strategy is crucial for arming your company against complex and ever-changing cyber-threats and the place to start is testing the security, assess your risks and manage your security issues. Asseco Denmark presents, along with the IT-security company CStrategy, a strong concept for doing exactly this. Asseco Denmark employs some of the strongest IT-security consultants and together with CStrategy we can supply you with a complete overview and concrete set of actions for how you can uphold a strong and safe position in the digital landscape. Besides a more tangible approach for assessing your security, it is also important that your company is prepared for potential cyberattacks. That is why we, together with Cstrategy, offers training of your management and employees, so you yourself can uphold the safety level which you have chosen for your organisation.

From training, vulnerability scans and guidance, to penetration testing and tailored playbooks, we can help you keep your organisation safe against cyberattacks.

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