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IT strategy

IT is continuously a growing part of a company’s structure which means the need for an actual IT strategy is higher than ever. The strategy is a plan for how your company’s IT will look in the long run.

An IT strategy is:

  • A long-term plan for the use of IT
  • Help for optimization of work processes
  • A plan to fit in with the remaining strategies in your company

More specifically, the focus is figuring out how your company with the help of IT solutions, can improve your business. It can be optimization of work processes, productions costs or something else.

The comparison to your company’s other strategies is preciously what is relevant for you IT strategy. An IT strategy can only be successful if it is consistent with your company’s overall business goal – in other words, strategy.

To make a long story short, your IT strategy has to fit with your company’s general strategies, for it to help you trim your business.

Why create an IT strategy?

With the heightened focus on the implementation of IT in the previous years, the need for an active and serious plan for IT within companies have emerged. Almost all companies are using IT today, but there is a need for more than just having IT – we need to utilize it effectively.

An IT strategy is necessary because:

  • It gives you a complete overview of your IT usages
  • It saves money
  • You will improve your work processes
  • It will increase your income in the long run

The need varies from company to company. Some may have a need for an automatic invoicing system. Others may need to change a legacy-system, or the company may need to help for a specific deign.

What needs to be more efficient is, as previously mentioned, linked closely to the overall business model and goal. No matter which optimization is planned, the same goes for all: they must optimize the work of the company and provide overview of the IT usage.

What does an IT strategy look like?

An IT strategy is overall a help for a company. The strategy assists in providing an overview over the company’s IT usages and can ease your employees work procedure. Here we offer an example of how the process for an IT-strategy can look like.

An IT strategy can start by asking the following questions:

Where are we today?

  • What is the foundation of the company? Which IT resources are already implemented and are they effective?

Where are we going and how do we want it to look?

  • How do want our processes to look like? How can IT contribute to this?

How do we get there?

  • What will the strategy have to look like to reach the intended goal? What will the consequences be and what is the plan for implementing the strategy? 

This will typically happen in a repeated process where you will go back and forth through the questions. An IT strategy is typically a plan which is to be reassessed and edited according to needs and progress. A recursive process.

Asseco is ready to help

If you have any questions or you wish to hear how we can help your IT strategy, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you figure out where you currently are in your IT usages and how we can help you reach what we call “perfect IT”.