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How we deliver

We deliver tailored end-to-end solutions & services for improving your digital transformation, and we strive to make your business more efficient and scalable – from initial analysis and planning to final implementation

We map out where you are currently located in our framework below, and for any defined project, we focus on bringing your company down into the bottom right area of "Perfect IT":


What to expect from us as a client

Trusted IT Partner

We see ourselves as your trusted partner. We initially focus on understanding your situation and challenges, and then on delivering what you need here and now. Whether this involves the replacement of legacy systems, co-developing, designing or IT management, we focus on the specific project at hand and deliver with all our expertise and know-how.

Pragmatic and hands-on

Our consultants are pragmatic and highly motivated to get their hands deep down into the machine room. Before we became Asseco, our company was named IT Practice. It was founded in 1998 with a vision of delivering high-end expertise and pragmatic awareness to our clients. This is still our core DNA.

Problem-solver – we do what it takes

We focus on the solution to your problem, not just on delivering the latest and greatest IT. We do what it takes to overcome the challenge at hand, with the overall purpose of making your business more efficient and scalable.