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A part of Asseco Denmark

Asseco Denmark in Poland

A part of Asseco Denmark

Asseco Denmark A/S was founded in 1998 in Copenhagen under the name of IT Practice. In 2009 IT Practice became a part of the Asseco Group, changing the name to Asseco Denmark. But the success of IT Practice still lies within and has been a major part in evolving into Asseco Denmark. We have decided to keep our original name for our Polish department - both to distinguish from Asseco Poland, but also to show that the Polish department is based on the same foundation, work ethics and values as our Danish department.  

Our Warsaw team perfectly complements the Scandinavian work culture with Polish enthusiasm and high IT competence. Using modern remote working technologies, we create, together with our Danish colleagues, one efficient unit. Modern agile project management methods such as SCRUM and SAFE, which we use on a daily basis, further tighten the level of cooperation between our teams. From daily check-ins and stand-ups on Microsoft Teams, to business trips and social events, we are a close-knit company where everyone is on first-name basis with each other. The opportunity to reach out to coworkers in-house and across borders is always present, and we enjoy utilizing each other’s qualifications and expertise. We highly value close personal contact, and after all, it is only an hour flight from Copenhagen to Warsaw - faster than the train from Warsaw to Gdansk.