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Asseco Danmark

Asseco Group is an international federation of IT-companies based in more than 60 countries - largely in Europe, but has a global presence with offices in USA, Japan, Canada, Australia and more. Asseco Group is specialized in development and production of software solutions and has become Europe's sixth largest software manufacturer thanks to more than 30 years of experience and 29.100 employees.  

Asseco Denmark A/S was founded in 1998 under the name IT Practice and became a part of the Asseco Group in 2009. In 2018 Asseco Denmark came under the management of CEO Holger Brøns Jensen. The new management has made it it's objective to bring Asseco Groups's software solutions into Scandinavia with the desire to offer the Scandinavian market a possibility for complete digital transformations. Asseco Denmark is focused on digital transformation, where it can create a significant difference for the client's business and is on eye level with clients and colleagues. 

Asseco Denmark wouldn’t exist if it were not for the people behind the scenes. From administration to developers, management, consultants, marketing, and board members, we are all one team who work together across expertise, interests, and background. This is also shown through our website. Here you will encounter images and videos of our people doing what they are passionate about. From the teamwork of sailing, to the precision of golfing, the technic of a badminton stroke, creativity of brewing and finesse of figurine painting, our coworkers take the best from their hobbies with them into their work. Asseco Denmark is IT, but we are much more than that. Who we are outside of our work, makes us who we are at work. 

We are Asseco Denmark.